"Bråsjö’s beautiful nine compositions make «Stratosfär» a highly personal and impressive statement."

Eyal Hareuveni- Salt Peanuts

"With the world growing ever more cacophonous, how refreshing and welcome it is to be presented with music of humility and stateliness."


New album Stratosfär out 18th of February 2022

Staffan Bråsjö - piano and organ

Josefin Runsteen - violin, mandola, percussion

Vilhelm Bromander - double bass

"The many music fans attracted to this style of classical jazz will luxuriate in the album’s purity and vision."

Jeremy Isaac - Jazz Journal

”Ja, det är skickligt. Men, fyllt med egenhet och genuinitet som skapar en närhet… …en mycket bra skiva.”  

Jonas Persson  - Lira

Photography by Clément Morin / Artwork by Thomas Einarsson